Repro Minor Injection Moulding Machine



The Repro Minor is a compact, portable & easy to use Injection Moulding machine capable of moulding a variety of different components. The Repro Minor is an ideal introduction to injection moulding and mould making technology. Included in the package is our own simple D.I.Y. guide to mould making together with a sample mould and box of plastic granules.

The machine can be set up and used within a few minutes.

As with all Copyright Products safety has been a design priority. The metal body is fully earthed and an RCD is fitted as standard to protect the user from accidental electric shock. The machine can be used continually for one hour before a second timer clicks in to give a half hour cooling down period.


  • Voltage: 240v (50Hz)
  • 300 watt heating power
  • Digital electronic temperature control ( 0 – 350 degrees C )
  • 50 cm3 mould chamber volume
  • 20cm3 silicon mould volume
  • 30cm3 aluminium mould volume
  • 1 hour continual use timer
  • ½ hour safety cooling down timer (optional for industrial applications)
  • Power consumption 306 watts


  • Length: 610mm
  • Depth: 250mm
  • Height: 240mm
  • Weight: 12.5 kilos
  • Carton size and weight: 650 x 275 x 260 – 15 kilos


  • Fully interlocked guarding
  • Strong rigid construction
  • Simple rack & pinion ram operation
  • Compact, light & portable
  • Easy to set up & use
  • RCD protection


  • Mould box
  • Sample mould
  • Sample moulding plastic granules

The machine consists of a horizontal cylindrical barrel with a hand operated rack and pinion ram. A 300 watt band heater heats the plastic granules through the barrel. The ram forces the molten plastic through the nozzle into the mould. After moulding the mould housing can be tilted forward via a handle located at the left side of the machine allowing the mould to be released and at the same time a positive seal prevents molten plastic escaping from the nozzle. Once released the mould can be opened to remove the moulded item.

Multiple moulds allow the machine to be continuously used with very little ‘down time’.

Plastic granules are fed into the machine via a vertical hopper. An electronic digital temperature controller controls the machine. As with all Copyright Products safety is a priority. The machine guard is fully interlocked and an RCD plug is supplied as standard. A timer allows for the machine to be continuously used for 1 hour after which a second timer switches the machine off to allow for a half hour cooling period. This second timer can be de-activated for certain applications.

The machine has been designed to use simple 2 part silicon moulds. A sample mould is included together with plastic granules to get the user started. Silicon is also supplied to make an additional mould in the supplied mould box.



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